Program: Monday, October 22, 2018

Note that we will be updating this program with more details in the months and weeks leading up to the event.

At-a-Glance Schedule

  • Session 1: VisInPractice Talk Series

  • (morning coffee break)

  • Session 2: VisInPractice Talk Series

  • (lunch break)

  • Session 3: VisInPractice Tutorials

  • (afternoon coffee break)

  • Session 4: Mini-Symposium on Visualizing Uncertainty in Practice

Program Details

The entire VisInPractice program is dedicated to everyone interested in the practical aspects of data visualization and visual analytics. The focus will be on how to solve real-world use cases rather than discussing them from the more abstract, academic perspective. The program targets both newcomers to visualization and visual analysis as well as returning members of the community seeking to learn about new tools and practices.

VisInPractice Talk Series

In the morning, six invited practitioners will share their experiences from past visualization projects, focusing on the “how” rather than the “what”. Each talk will be approximately 30 minutes in length.

VisInPractice Tutorials

In the early afternoon, this session will focus on the question of what is possible with established visualization and visual analytics tools, including a 30-minute overview of visualization tools currently on the market, followed by a 1-hour tutorial on visualization development tools and processes.

Mini-Symposium on Visualizing Uncertainty in Practice

In the late afternoon, we will coordinate a fast-paced session that brings participants up to speed with the practical aspects of uncertainty visualization. To this end, we will begin this session with a 30-minute primer by Kristi Potter on the topic that specifically highlights challenges and established approaches. We will complement this introduction by a set of six 10-minute lightning talks, each of which outlines a working solution from a practical setting. See our call for participation for more details.